• Interceptor Trading Software

    Interceptor Trading Software is the latest software for forex speculation. It features the most innovative and advanced trend-analysis module, as well as a hybrid mechanism for market movement prediction. Our software calculates and indicates all three market phases (bull market / bear market / consolidation). It will inform you about trend changes and show precisely where to open and close your trades. No more endless analyses, unclear rules, guessing or counting on a stroke of luck! Just follow the signals and enjoy your profit each day. Signals produced by the system are very easy to read, completely non-discretionary and 100% devoid of the repaint phenomenon. We put a whole lot of time and all of our trading knowledge into making this system both easy to use and effective. Your success at speculation and first successful transactions can become reality in just a bit over ten minutes!


    Trading has never been this easy! Built-in alerts immediately notify you of incoming signals. It doesn't matter if you're busy with work or browsing the Internet The system has built-in pop up alerts, as well as e-mail and push notifications. Our software will also show you the best trending pairs, You will not only know the exact place for opening a trade and profit realization, but also top trading instruments that will bring you the most profit.

    Your Future

    Many of you have great plans for the future, professional development, security for your loved ones, or more down-to-earth things which add flavor to life, like travels or that new gadget you spotted on eBay. We spend years chasing after money, not realizing how much we miss out on along the way. Today is the first day to change that! Each of us deserves a normal, comfortable life. Toiling away from dawn till dusk, sleepless nights or taking work home is a nightmare most of us have experienced. It's time for you to start living like you've always wanted!


    Forex Interceptor has been designed based on many years' worth of experience in trading, as well as the latest and most efficient algorithms for prediction of market movement. Our software was made to make speculation easy, shorten the time-consuming analyses to a minimum, and most importantly - bring enormous profits! Learn more about the details of our system and our offer!